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Semester I & II


As per the recommendations of 11th Plan of U.G.C, we started an Under Graduate Diploma program of B. H. U. (U. G. D. C. A.) in session 2008 – 2009. The objective of this curriculum is to generate the high-end computer awareness among the students and to bring them up in the main stream of the professional world.
Program Highlights & Salient Features:
  • Three Years part time Diploma
  • Two Semesters each year, six semesters as a whole
  • One theory paper and one practical examination each semester
  • Provision of internal tests and assignment each semester
  • Guest lectures
Examination System:
  • Examinations are conducted by B. H. U. as per its academic calendar for each semester which includes one theory paper (at B. H. U.) and one practical examination (at college Lab) through external examiners.
  • Evaluation & distribution of mark-sheets of theory and practical papers are done by B. H. U.
  • Award of Diploma through B. H. U.
Benefits of UGDCA
  • Advanced Computer Course parallel to Degree Courses. No Additional time is required.
  • Course Curriculum as per with industry standard.
  • Valuable Diploma from B.H.U.
  • Extensive lab Practice for market exposure.
Objective: To improve the programming skill and to further increase the performance of teaching and learning. Transition of V 6 to VB .net Technology is the main focus.
Participants: There were 6 participants in this program namely,
  1. Najam-uz-Zaman
  2. Pulkit Srivastava
  3. Chaitanya Vashishth
  4. Rozina Bano
  5. Kaveri Sharma
  6. Sandhya Srivastava
Event driven programming concept
IDE development tool
Introduction to VB .Net
Objective: The main Objective of this periodic Staff Computer Awareness Program is mainly for the improvement of their computer application knowledge of documentation and tabulation.
It is a periodic program which is run time to time to keep all the staff members updated with the change in the technology.
All non-teaching staff members in roster
Dates: 24th & 25th November 2022
Objective: The main Objective of Staff Computer Awareness Program is mainly for the improvement of their Computer Soft Skills along with Hindi and English Typing Skills. Like previous training sessions this session was also designed to impart the training of basic computer knowledge:
The program was designed on 17th May 2022 and after the typing test we have scheduled to conduct the training from 30th may 2022 to 15th June 2022.
The program contained the training of the following topics:
  • Windows
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • *** Hindi Typing
Name of Non-TeacherDesignation
Sri Dharam Pratap SinghSenior Assistant
Sri Om Prakash SinghSenior Assistant
Sri Nitin Chandra PathakSenior Assistant
Smt. Ruchi BhatiaProfessional Assistant
Smt. Sudha SinghOffice Superintendent
Sri Ashutosh Kumar NayakStenographer
Sri Rakesh Kumar PandeySemi-Professional Assistant
Smt. Sapna SrivastavaJunior Assistant
Sri Anil Kumar MishraJunior Assistant
Sri Pankaj Kumar SinghJunior Assistant
Sri Sasmit SinghAssistant
Sri Ram BabuLibrary Assistant
Sri Rajnish KumarLaboratory Assistant (Psychology)
Sri Ajay SinghJunior Assistant
Sri Pulkit SrivastavaLaboratory Assistant (Psychology)
Sri Manish KushwahaJunior Assistant
Sri Dushyant SinghJunior Assistant
Sri AnilLibrary Clerk
Sri Ritesh KumarLibrary Clerk
Sri Rohit Kumar SinghJunior Assistant
Sri Prasant Kumar SinghAssistant
Sri Avinash SinghLaboratory Assistant (Psychology)
Sri Prashant RajLaboratory Assistant (Psychology)
Sri Manish Kumar SinghLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
Sri Sandeep Kumar SinghLibrary Clerk
Sri Saurabh Pratap SinghLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
Sri Ajeet KumarLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
Sri Deepak SrivastavaLibrary Attendant
Ms. Bhavya MishraLibrary Attendant
Sri Rohit MishraLibrary Attendant
Sri Atul Kumar DwivediLibrary Attendant
Sri Rajendra Kumar YadavLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
Sri Nayan Kumar JaiswalLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
Sri Pankaj NagvanshiLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
Sri Saurabh SinghJunior Assistant
Smt. ChetnaLibrary Attendant
Sri Pratap Bahadur SinghLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
Smt. Anshika SinghLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
Sri Nityanand ChaturvediLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
Sri Samsher Singh PatelPeon
Outcome: The Positive outcome came from this 21 days Program that many Non-Teaching Staff were proficient in their typing skills and many would find this helpful to improve their knowledge for their future.

Objective: The main Objective of Staff Typing Test is mainly for the improvement of their Hindi and English Typing Skills. As we can see all the offices are equipped with computers and almost all the clerical task is done through computer and hence knowledge of computer is essential for all the non-teaching staff too. To judge the ability of the typing skill we have designed a typing test after one week’s typing training.
1.Sri Dharam Pratap SinghSenior Assistant
2.Sri Om Prakash SinghSenior Assistant
3.Sri Nitin Chandra PathakSenior Assistant
4.Smt. Ruchi BhatiaProfessional  Assistant
5.Smt. Sudha SinghOffice Superintendent
6.Sri Ashutosh Kumar NayakStenographer
7.Sri Rakesh Kumar PandeySemi-Professional  Assistant
8.Smt. Sapna SrivastavaJunior Assistant
9.Sri Anil Kumar MishraJunior Assistant
10.Sri Pankaj Kumar SinghJunior Assistant
11.Sri Sasmit SinghAssistant
12.Sri Ram BabuLibrary Assistant
13.Sri Rajnish KumarLaboratory Assistant (Psychology)
14.Sri Ajay SinghJunior Assistant
15.Sri Manish KushwahaJunior Assistant
16.Sri Dushyant SinghJunior Assistant
17.Sri Pulkit SrivastavaLaboratory Assistant (Psychology)
18.Sri AnilLibrary Clerk
19.Sri Ritesh KumarLibrary Clerk
20.Sri Rohit Kumar SinghJunior Assistant
21.Sri Prasant Kumar SinghAssistant
22.Sri Avinash SinghLaboratory Assistant (Psychology)
23.Sri Prashant RajLaboratory Assistant (Psychology)
24.Sri Manish Kumar SinghLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
25.Sri Sandeep Kumar SinghLibrary Clerk
26.Sri Saurabh Pratap SinghLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
27.Sri Ajeet KumarLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
28.Sri Deepak SrivastavaLibrary Attendant
29.Ms. Bhavya MishraLibrary Attendant
30.Sri Rohit MishraLibrary Attendant
31.Sri Atul Kumar DwivediLibrary Attendant
32.Sri Rajendra Kumar YadavLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
33.Sri Nayan Kumar JaiswalLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
34.Sri Pankaj NagvanshiLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
35.Sri Saurabh SinghJunior Assistant
36.Smt. ChetnaLibrary Attendant
37.Sri Pratap Bahadur SinghLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
38.Smt. Anshika SinghLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
39.Sri Nityanand ChaturvediLaboratory Attendant (Psychology)
40.Sri Samsher Singh PatelPeon
Outcome: The Positive outcome came from this test; many Non-Teaching Staff were proficient in their typing skills and others were considered to give the Staff Computer Awareness Program to improve their knowledge regarding how to use computers and increasing their soft skills also.
Objective: The main Objective of Faculty development program is to improve the performance of teaching and learning. That would update the knowledge of the faculty members of computer center with the current technologies and a course is must for the betterment regarding imparting education and self-development.
QASIC is the language that is included in UGDCA Semester V. It is in fact an advanced version of BASIC and GWASIC. So, to learn more about is program is carried out.
Participants: There were 4 participants in this program namely,
  1. Najam-uz-Zaman
  2. Vikas Malviya
  3. Jay Prakash Sahani
  4. Ms. Rozina Bano
  1. Programming logic using Q BASIC
2.   Syntax of QBASIC
3.   Declaration of variables
4.   Use of built-in functions
5.   Knowledge of reserve words

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