Shri. Ajeet Singh

Manager, DAV PG College

I consider myself fortunate enough to have been entrusted with the responsibility of being an integral part of a higher educational institution where I help nurture the future generation of our country. The commendable scholastic and co-scholastic achievements of our students bear testimony to our ability and commitment for providing excellence in education. As students, their pulsating vibrancy and vigor invigorate and enliven our young institution by infusing new energy and enthusiasm. Thus, the responsibility that is entrusted upon me and my staff members is fulfilling and purposeful.
Along with academic commitment as our primary concerns, we strive to envisage students with appropriate attitudes and values of forbearance, fair play, ethics and integrity. We are focused on being a student and learning-centered institute that is consistently moving forward in preparing students to be successful as global citizens. I congratulate the Principals, the teachers and staff members for their effectual role in developing DAV PG College and bringing it to such great heights. At this juncture I would also like to express my gratitude to all the stakeholders, parents, print and electronic media and district administration for their proactive support in enabling our college to continue to meet the expectations of the society. As DAV PG College prepares to reach out to different parts of India and the world, we hope to spread the light of knowledge and message of quality education and touch many more lives and make that vital difference in building a just and equitable society.