1. R. K. Agrawal & Co. – To give practical knowledge and exposure to our commerce student through workshops.
  2. Ganga Seva Nidhi, Varanasi – To provide exposure to our students towards social responsibility and cultural values.
  3. Universal Sompo General Insurance Company Limited – To give exposure to our commerce students in the insurance sector.
  4. Goenka Motors Pvt. Ltd. – In order to provide practical knowledge in the field of marketing and human resources management for our students.
  5. Nai Subah Institute of Mental Health and Behavioural Science, Varanasi – To provide practical and clinical knowledge and have experience of mental health and behavioral science for our psychology students.
  6. Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan – This MOU extends direct knowledge and practice of sanskrit language incorporated through different “SHIVIR”
  7. The Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy and Handicapped Children, Varanasi – Through this MOU our psychology students get direct exposure to mentally retarded children and conduct studies over them.
  8. The Ravi Nasha Mukti Sansthan, Varanasi – Through this MOU our students are exposed to learn about the ill effects of different types of addiction in the society.
  9. Varanasi Photographers Association – Through this association our interested students developed extra curricular activities related to photography.
  10. Vasanta college for women – With this MOU both the colleges inter exchange ideas in the area of both academic as well as administration.
  11. Kiran Society, Madhopur, Varanasi – Our psychology students get practical exposure to the approach, behavior and handling of physically disabled students.
  12. Nav Chetana Agro center – Through this programe our students of Economics get opportunities to enhance their knowledge through internship, traning & placement activity.
  13. Vasant Kanya Mahavidyalaya – The purpose of this MOU is to develop academic and educational collaboration and to promote mutual understanding between Vasanta Kanya Mahavidyalaya and DAV PG College in mutually beneficial areas.
  14. Vasanta College for Women – The purpose of this MOU is to stimulate and facilitate the development of collaborative and mutually beneficial purpose which server to enhance the intellectual life and cultural development of both campuses and to contribution to increased institutional cooperation.