1. R. K. Agrawal & Co. – To give practical knowledge and exposure to our commerce student through workshops.
  2. Ganga Seva Nidhi, Varanasi – To provide exposure to our students towards social responsibility and cultural values.
  3. Universal Sompo General Insurance Company Limited – To give exposure to our commerce students in the insurance sector.
  4. Goenka Motors Pvt. Ltd. – In order to provide practical knowledge in the field of marketing and human resources management for our students.
  5. Nai Subah Institute of Mental Health and Behavioural Science, Varanasi – To provide practical and clinical knowledge and have experience of mental health and behavioral science for our psychology students.
  6. Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan – This MOU extends direct knowledge and practice of sanskrit language incorporated through different “SHIVIR”
  7. The Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy and Handicapped Children, Varanasi – Through this MOU our psychology students get direct exposure to mentally retarded children and conduct studies over them.
  8. The Ravi Nasha Mukti Sansthan, Varanasi – Through this MOU our students are exposed to learn about the ill effects of different types of addiction in the society.
  9. Varanasi Photographers Association – Through this association our interested students developed extra curricular activities related to photography.
  10. Vasanta college for women – With this MOU both the colleges inter exchange ideas in the area of both academic as well as administration.
  11. Kiran Society, Madhopur, Varanasi – Our psychology students get practical exposure to the approach, behavior and handling of physically disabled students.