The Media Centre has been set up on the campus to provide an E-Content Preparation Facility that will enable quality video lectures for the students. This Centre will help the faculty in creating high-quality video lectures and E content with advanced Hardware and software tools. This centre does not seek to replace traditional teaching and learning rather it is designed to supplement them. The video lectures will be available on the official Youtube Channel of the Institution.

Objective : –

  • To set up the proper facility for producing educational programmes and generating e-content material.
  • Media Center will record and manage the events, guest lectures, invited lectures, motivational videos, current event videos and seminars from all the departments of the College.
  • Studying, promoting and experimenting with new techniques/technologies that will increase the reach of the teachers among the students.
  • Encourage blended learning.
  • Students will be benefitted from the lectures provided by stalwarts of their subjects apart from their subject teachers.
  • Networking and collaboration with other educational agencies in India and abroad.
  • Teachers will regularly schedule their recording and the same will be uploaded on the website for the benefit of the students.