1. Title: Webinars During COVID 19

GoalIn the entire world when no one was untouched by the unleashed crisis of COVID 19, the objective of organizing Webinars on the Pandemic was to encourage intellectuals and academicians to produce significant researches to enhance their vision. It was to boost up the morale, productivity and creativity of students and academicians in various disciplines such as socio-political, economic, linguistical and cultural.
Context: DAV PG College always endeavours to utilize time to the optimum level. In its arena it covered from lesson of psycho-therapy, mental health, use of term physical distancing in place of social distancing, disturbances in socio-political and economic order to the emergence of new culture and new normal. Under the UGC Quality Mandate Notification, D.O. No1-3/2020(CM) Dated 28th March 2020, the Web-conferences and Web- workshops are designed not only to talk about lock-down and its lethal consequences but to benefit and enrich perspectives of students and researchers. For instance, Web- workshop on English Communication Skill and Personality Development and a ten-day Workshop cum training programme on learning of Sanskrit Language were to provide all the students an opportunity to enhance their communication skill to seek better prospect in their career. Personality Grooming is inevitable part of education for the achievement of cherished dreams.
Practices: The webinars organized by social, arts and commerce faculty were a means to provide opportunity to students belonging to respective fields to gain something specific in pursuit of their future goal and aspirations and at the same they can be inter-disciplinary. Paper reading sessions on web were an unique feature in the time of crisis to sustain goal of higher-education.
Evidence of Success: Students, researchers and academicians took interest in this practice tremendously. They regularly participated in the Web-conferences and Web-workshops.

2.   Title: Uploading of Videos based on Syllabi on You Tube Channel During Pandemic, COVID 19

Goal: keeping in mind academic welfare of students and prime duty of faculty members in the Corona period it has been started. DAV PG College believes in establishing academic forum for the students from where large number of students can be benefitted.
Context: In the time of crisis education sector suffered a lot due to lack of infra-structure, planning and vision. But DAV PG College immediately after outbreak of Corona and declaration of lock-down in India started its You Tube Channel on 19th March 2020, to upload Videos based on curriculum to teach students uninterruptedly and to make them feel connected to their teachers. However, in pursuit of its success and vision, it demanded extra inputs from the faculty members such as rigorous process of recording lectures and technical handling etc. Uploading more than 30 videos in a day on You Tube Channel was really challenging for our technical team but efficient team members handled it well. The visionary attempt of the College is fruitful for current and future students as well. It provides an opportunity and platform to the faculty members to impart their knowledge on global level.
Practices: DAV PG College uploaded Videos on its You Tube Channel more than 1150 during lock down period to impart knowledge to the students in detail on a given topic. This channel is an attempt, platform and a step towards sustenance of the goal of Higher Education in terms of maintenance of quality teaching and services. The aim of the Channel was to provide substitute of classes where they can download videos and time and again, they can play it as per their need and suitability.
Evidence of Success:  Viewers of the Channel are in lakhs. Uploaded Videos are viewed repeatedly not only by our students but also students of other colleges and universities as they have mentioned in comment box their identity. In order to make it more interesting our comment section is opened for public where students and viewers ask questions and respective faculty members reply to the same.