Six-Month Certificate Course On Human Rights

About the Course: Certificate Course in Human Rights is all about human rights which create equality among all citizens irrespective of the differences such as caste, religion, gender, race etc. These rights are fundamental to all citizens and are given under the constitution of India. The course is designed to impart knowledge and practical ability about the rights and directive principles that are provided to all citizens of India. The certificate course consists of areas such as Human Rights: Evolution, Human Rights: Concepts and Human Rights: Concerns.
  • The certificate course in Human Rights is created to spread awareness about the dignity and rights of all humans regardless of all the differences.
  • The certificate course in Human Rights aims to empower all groups of society by ensuring the enforcement of their rights directed by the constitution.
  • In this certificate course, students are given information about the history of human rights and modern human rights as well.
  • Students are taught this course with the purpose that they will strengthen the rights of humans by working for them.
Objective: Here are a few reasons for why you should go forward with this course:
  • Serve Society: The certificate course in Human Rights consists of all the concepts such as fundamental rights, directive principles, rights of minorities etc. For students who want to serve society, it is the best certificate course.
  • Skills: In this certificate course in Human Rights students learn about the rights of humans, and also learn new skills such as management, creating reports, understanding reports. Networking etc.
  • Reputation: The Certificate Course in Human Right is one of the top reputed courses as it is related to the rights of humans. Students who join this course work for the empowerment and development of humans and spread humanity.
  • Social Work: The work of a certified student in Human Rights is to work for society and the people. Students who love to do social work can choose to pursue this course to get the right direction in the desired field.
  • Career Opportunity: Nowadays a lot of value and importance is given to human rights and their rightful enforcement. The career opportunity is also rising day by day in this field. After completing this certificate course students can also go for higher education in the same field.
Target Group: Graduate and Post Graduate Students
  • Input Sessions (60 hours)
  • Group and individual exercises
  • E materials (Documentaries and Movies related to Human Rights issues)
Course Modules:
Module 1. Understanding Human Rights
  • Human Rights: Meaning and Development of International Concerns
  • Civil and Political Rights
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Module 2.  Human Rights of Groups
  • Rights of Minorities
  • Rights of Migrants
  • Child’s Right
  • Women’s Rights
  • Rights of Refugees
  • Rights of old and Disabled
Module 3. The U.N. Machinery: Charter
  • National Instructions and Laws
  • Treaty Bodies Regional Arrangements
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Human Rights: Challenges of Globalization
  • Human Rights Concerns and emerging trends
Module 4. Human Rights: Historical Traditions
  • Freedom Struggle and Civil Liberties Movement
  • India’s International Human Rights Obligations
  • Directive Principles
  • Constitutional Vision: Fundamental Rights


Field work
  • Preparing for the field: Gathering news/ Doing Interviews
  • Visit to NGO’s and other institutions.
Evaluation:    Written examination and Presentation