The proposed certificate course in “Gender and Society” is an additional qualification and personality development course for the students of Arts and Humanities (under graduate, postgraduate or professionals course) which will provide insightful understanding of gender related aspects and issues.

Importance of the course:

Gender role is about socialization and social mind-sets which are seen in day to day behaviour of individuals. Even educated people unconsciously play traditional gendered roles which are in turn responsible for gender biased attitude. Gender and society studies provide an insightful understanding of human identity, social role and expectations which are fixed by society and are categorised as masculinity and feminine qualities and responsibilities. The acceptance of societal categories is neither acceptable nor justified. Therefore, the course is important to educate, re-socialize and sensitise society in a proper way. It is likely to automatically reduce the problems, exploitation and inequality. The discipline has developed around feminist studies and theories but is now transitioning into a more diverse field, keeping up with the changing times. Gender based interactions are there in every aspect of society, thus in a broader sense, there is need to examine all the issues emerging out of these interactions through gender lens.

Objectives of the course:

  • The certificate course on gender and society will enable the scholars to face challenges in both personal and academic aspects of life by enhancing their critical thinking. It will enable them to analyse gender based issues in an unbiased way and raise logical questions.
  • The course focuses on major myths and misconceptions responsible for gender differences as well.
  • To enhance knowledge on wider issues of sexuality, body, gender and related aspects for better understanding.
  • Theoretical study would give result when it is reflected in performance in the form of change in behaviour in everyday life. Therefore, the course covers debates and discussions on day to day issues related to gender through active participation of scholars. This will help in their personality development as well.

Course Outline:

The course establishes quality building in academia as well as personality development, so it covers both theoretical and practical aspects. In theoretical proportion, the focus is on emergence of gender studies, masculinity and femininity, community initiative and advocacy gender and development, issues of sexuality, body, marital rape, cybercrime, LGBTQ, etc. On the other hand, debate, quiz, discussions, field work and other activities are structured for scholars to focus on the practical aspects of the course.

Course structure:

Course Name- Gender and Society
Course provider- Department of Sociology
Duration- 06 Months
Fee- INR 2000