The Department of Economics , DAV PG College , Varanasi has organised National Seminar and Workshop on the topic entitled “Economics of Gender , Education and Labour Participation;The New Insights”. It was sponsored by HPCL. The above seminar and workshop was conducted to celebrate the work of noble laureate Claudia Goldin which was  conducted in the form of panel discussion which consisted of academicians , bureaucrats , homemaker , medical professional , entrepreneur , social activists and media and film industry . The output in this discussion included the problems and challenges faced in different sectors and especially what challenges are faced by the female workforce and to what extent female labour force has been continuously becoming af par with their partners . Eminent personnel who participated in this included De.Neerja Madhav Mrs Kavita Singh (Additional Commissioner GST) , Mrs Akanksha Mishra  (CEO Cantonment ), Dr Anjali Bajpai(Dean Education BHU), Dr Jaya Chakravorty (IMS , BHU), Prof. Amaresh Dubey(JNU), Mr Shishir Sinha (Associate Editor, Business Line), Prof Manisha Mehrotra (Department of Economics , BHU) , Dr Padmini Ravindranath (MMV, BHU) ,etc