The Induction Program for the students of Economics was held on 18th November, 2020. The program was organized by Department of Economics, DAV P.G. College, Varanasi and the event was chaired by Dr. S.D.Singh, Principal of the College.

He explained the vision of the College to the students and then interacted with them. Dr.Vimal Shankar Singh, Head Department of Economics, explained the scope of Economics to the students and shared with them different activities that Department was performing in the past with distinction. Dr. Anup Kr. Mishra, Associate Professor of the Department gave blessings to the students andexplained how life of a person having sound knowledge of Economics differs from a person having little or no knowledge of Economics .Dr .Mayank Kr. Singh, a senior faculty member extended his good wishes to the students and invited them to join the activities of the Department with full enthusiasms.Dr. Parul Jain, Assistant Professor of the Department made presentation to the students regarding syllabus and how academic session of the Department will proceed forward in the present session.On the other hand, another Assistant Professor of the Department Dr. Siddharth Singh explained to the students the emerging areas of Economics and said that good knowledge of Mathematics& Econometrics is most essential in these days for the students of Economics. Dr. Ahuti Singh,Assistant Professor in the Department motivated the students by her speech and she explained the cost & benefits of  International trade in present global scenario. Students on their part interacted with the Faculty members and assured them that they will join all activities of the Department with great fervor.

The Online Orientation Programme for the students of Economics was held on 2nd December, 2020. The programme was organized by Department of Economics, DAV P.G. College and the event was Chaired by Dr. S.D. Singh, Principal, DAV P.G. College.

The Chief Guest was Prof. Bishwajit Dhar, Professor, Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, J.N.U. The Chief Guest focused on the rising importance of Economics as a discipline in the Post-Covid era. According to Prof. Dhar a student of Economics has various avenues open to him like Banking, Insurance, Civil Services, and Journalism etc. Dr. P. K. Sen graced the occasion and enlightened the audience with his thought provoking views. Dr.V.S. Singh, Head, Department of Economics also shared his views with the students. The event was attended by the faculty members- Dr. Anup Kr. Mishra, Dr. Mayank Kr. Singh, Dr. Parul Jain, Dr. Ahuti Singh & Dr. Siddharth Singh. The vote of thanks was given by Dr.Anup kumar Mishra and Dr. Parul Jain anchored the program.