Students  of  Department  of  Economics  organized  Eco-Voice  over the pressing issue of  National  Education Policy, 2020. This  student  lead  event  was organized on zoom app on 12th of November 2020. This event was Presided by our Head of Department, Dr. Vimal Shankar Singh. In this event many students came up with their presentation on the issue. One of the students Vinay Kumar Gautam gave his opening presentation  highlighting benefits of the policy. Taking the presentation further Raja Kumar gave critical analysis of the policy which were concerned with conditions of government schools, inadequate number of teachers and related infrastructure of education sector of India. His arguments reflected some striking shortcomings in the policy which remains a problem of affordable education in India.

Saurav Km.Jha and Srijan Srivastava highlighted the importance of retrospective analysis of this policy with the existing one. While highlighting the benefits of the policy of the  government,  Hrithik Singh, one  of  the  participants, pressed over the fact that new education policy is having its striking similarities from Sustainable Development Goals Point 4  that  covers  the  aspect  of  universal  education  and literacy. He also pointed some serious unresolved  issues  concerning  skill development and vocational training initiatives presented in the policy by the government. In the end, our Head of Department Dr. Vimal Shankar Singh gave his concluding remarks where he complemented students for their informative presentations and shared points that need to be kept under consideration while analyzing a policy. He also gave comprehensive brief of the policy and also highlighted its critical aspect. He urged students that these constructive and substantive discussions on issues of national importance must happen as these are beneficial for holistic development of students.