The Department of Economics, DAV PG College organized an Online lecture on ‘Development Issues Before Indian Economy’. Prof.I.D.Gupta, Ex Faculty, Department of Economics, Lucknow University was the Chief speaker for the session.

The event started with the launch of current issue (Volume 12, No.2) of the Journal of Economics & Commerce (JEC) by Prof. I.D. Gupta.

Dr. Anup Kumar Mishra informed audience about the current issue of the journal and the articles published in it. The session began with the talk of Prof. I.D. Gupta. He highlighted the development progress of Indian Economy since Independence. He gave a brief description of different Five-Year plans. The composition of different sectors and the changes in it since Independence was addressed by the speaker. Prof. Gupta also shared the current development issues of Poverty, Unemployment, Population etc. Sir, also mentioned about the methods through which we can tackle the development challenges our Economy is facing.

The lecture focused on the ‘V-shaped’ recovery India and the world is experiencing after Covid-19. The session was an interactive session with the audience. The audience raised different issues concerning the development challenges which was addressed by the Speaker. The program was presided by the Dr.S.D.Singh, Principal, DAV P.G. College. Total of around 85 participants participated in the programme. Dr.Vimal Shanker Singh, Head, Department of Economics welcomed the Chief Guest and the participants, Dr. Parul Jain introduced the theme of the lecture. Dr. Anup Kumar Mishra told audience about the speaker. Dr.P.K Sen & Dr.Mayank Kumar Singh also presented their thoughts on the development challenges. The programme was anchored by Dr. Siddharth Singh & Dr.Ahuti Singh extended vote of thanks.