Department of Philosophy was organised a special lecture on the topic “Bharatiya Gyan Parampara ka udbhav aur Vikash” on 20-12-2023. The chief speaker of the programme was Professor Sri Prakash Pandey, ex HOD, department of philosophy and Religion, BHU. Welcome of the chief guest was don by the Convenor and head of the department Dr Sanjay Kumar Singh.Addressing the students Prof. Pandey threw light on the origine and development of the Indian knowledge tradition. Principal of the college Prof Satya Gopal jee also addressed the gathering.The programme was anchored by Dr. Ramendra Singh and vote of thanks was proposed by Professor Satish Kumar Singh. A large numbers of students participated in the programme.Chief Procter of the college Dr. Indrajeet Mishra, Dr Sanjay Kumar Singh, dept. of history and Dr. Omprakash also graced the programme. During the programme the other faculty members Dr. Sanjeev Veer priydarshi and Dr. Vishrut Dwivedi was also present. The programme was grand success.


Department of Philosophy, DAV PG College Varanasi organized two days International Seminar under the patronage of Prof Satya Dev Singh to celebrate World Philosophy Day-2022, which was sponsored by ICPR, New Delhi on 19th and 20th Jan 23, in college campus. The convener of the programme was Dr.Sanjay Kumar Singh HOD, Department of Philosophy. Eminent speakers were invited as the resource persons. Prof.Daniel Raveh from Israel University spoke on ‘The Contemporary Indian Philosophy: A Tasting Menu’ and Prof.Shiv Bhanu Singh from ECC. Prayagraj, Allahabad, University reflected on ‘ Ethics of Globalization on the first day i.e 19th jan ,23 . Around two hundred fifty students, many research scholars and faculty members from different departments participated to benefit from the programme. On the second Day i.e 20th January. Prof. Sachhidanand ishra,member Secretary ICPR New Delhi spoke on ‘Critical Thinking as Essence of Philosophy’ and Prof. Ambika Dutt Sharma Department of Philosophy ,Dr. Hari Singh Gour University ,Sagar ,M.P spoke on ‘De- colonization of the Indian Mind . More than two hundred fifty  students, many research scholars and faculty members from different Departments also joined on the second day. The programme had interaction round on both the days where students enquired their doubts.The programme began with thegarlanding of goddess Saraswati by the guest speakers thereafter prof. Satish Kumar Singh felicitated the guest speakers both the days. The programme was anchored by Dr. Ramendra Singh and Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Sanjeev veer Singh Priydarshi.On this occasion Prof. Satya Gopal ji, Prof. Mishrilal, Dr. Habibullah, Prof  Sameer Kumar Pathak, Dr  Indrajeet Mishra,Dr. Parul Jain, Dr. Sangeeta Jain, Dr. Mahima Singh, Dr. Bandanabalchandani, Dr. Mahima Singh, Dr. Chandan Kumar Pandey, Dr. Vishrut Dwivedi showed their gracious presence The programme was a grand success.
One Day lecter on ‘The Concept of Ethics in Buddhism’ was organized by Dept. of Philosophy. DAV PG College, Varanasi on 30.11.2022. The eminent guest speaker Prof. H. S. Prasad, former head of the department of Philosophy, University of Delhi, was invited for the programme. He addressed the gathering by his deep insight on Ethics of Gautam Buddha. He stated that in Dhammapad Gautam Buddha said that the mind is the most foremost, it is man’s friend as well as enemy. He further stated that sorrow is the ultimate truth of one’s life and one can not escape from it. The convener of the programme was vice principal  prof.Satish Kumar Singh and he also felicitated the speaker. The programme was anchored by Dr. Sanjeev Veer Singh Priyadarshi and Vote of thanks was given by HOD Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh. Students participated in the programme with a lot of enthusiasm and fervour. The Programme was quite enriching and informative. Dr. Indrajeet Mishra, Prof. Mishrilal. Dr. Habibullah, Dr. Ramendra SINGH, Dr. Bandana Balchandani, Prof. Rakesh Kumar Dwivedi, Dr. Ravi Kant Tripathi showed their graceful presence.The programme was a grand success.
One Day special lecture on ‘Sanskritik Rashtrawad aur Bhartiya Itihash ki Punarvyakhyaa’ was organized by department of Philosophy DAV PG College, Varanasi on 14-11-2022. The eminent nationalist thinker and speaker was Shri Pushpendra Kulshrestha, The convener of the programme was Prof. Satish Kumar Singh who also felicitated chief speaker. The programme began with the garlanding ofgoddess Sarswati by the guest speaker thereafter Shri Pushpendra addressed the gathering by his insightful speech. He talked about that India was popular for debate in ancient Indian culture and sanaatan tradition. The day we left it ancient Indian tradition also eloped. He further stated that western pompous culture has made its place in India, we have to keep ourselves away from it then only we will be able to bring change. There was a interactive session after the speech of guest speaker, in which students enquired about their doubts. The programme wad anchored by Dr. Ramendra Singh and vote of thanks was given by HOD Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh. On this occasion  Prof. Mishrilal, Prof. Madhu Shisaudiya. Prof. Vinod Kumar Chaudhary, Dr. Parul Jain, Dr. Habibullah, Dr. Sanjeev Priyadarshi, Dr. Chandan Pandey showed their gracious presence. The programme was a grand success.
Nine days National Workshop was organized by the Research Promotion Cell and Faculty of Arts (under the Aegis of IQAC), DAV PG College, Varanasi. on Research Methodology in Arts and Humanities (08-16 July. 2022). It was an interdisciplinary workshop conducted in series, there starting from English to Philosophy. The workshop witnessed experts and dignitaries from renowned universities. On 16th July 2022 Professor Ajay Verma Centre for Philosophy, School of Social science JNU, New Delhi delivered his reflections on ‘Some perspective from Classical Indian Philosophy. He further said Philosophy is methodology in itself and stated that it is the mother of all subjects. The unique thing about Philosophy is that it discovers those facts which are unknown and unknowable. It was a very interactive session where a large number of teachers, research scholars and students attended the workshop and enriched their experiences. The take away was quite sound and fruitful. The programme was anchored by Head of Department Dr. Satish Kumar Singh and a vote of thanks was given by Assistant professor Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh. The coordinator and all the heads of the departments and faculty members graced the Programme. The programme was a grand success.
One day lecture “Discourse on Indian Philosophy, Culture and Spirituality”, was organized by the Department of Philosophy, DAV. P. G College, Varanasi on4th April 2022 at 1pm in online mode. Eminent speaker Dr. Shiva Bhanu Singh, Professor and Head,Ewing Christian College, Prayagraj, was the guest speaker in this event. More than a hundred students participated with a lot of Zest and fervour. The program was hosted by Asst. Professor Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh under the patronship of Principal Dr. Satya Dev Singh. Thereafter Dr. Shiv Bhanu Singh gave a deep reflection on ‘Indian Philosophy, Culture and Spirituality’. He stated that Indian Philosophy is the foundation of Indian culture and spirituality. There is a lot of differences between Indian and Western Philosophy. Presiding over the program Principal Dr. S.D Singh added that Indian philosophy strengthens the concept of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam’. It contains the essence of compassion and friendship. The program was quite enriching and fruitful. The program ended with a Vote of thanks by Dr. Ramendra Singh. Head of Department Dr. Satish Kr. Singh Associate Professor, Dr. Sanjeev Veer Singh Priyadarshi also showed their valuable presence throughout the program. The program was a Grand success.
One day special lecture on ‘Bhartiya Darshan Aur Vaishwik Paridrishya on 13-03-2018 was organized by Department of Philosophy, DAV.PG. College, Varanasi under the patron ship of Principal Dr. Satyadev Singh. Head of Department Dr. Harish Chandra Yadav welcomed the dignitaries and associate professor DR. Satish Kumar Singh anchored the program. The chief speaker retired ICCR Prof.  West Indies University, Kingston Jamaica Rakesh Mishra reflected deeply on the topic and stated that Indian Philosophy is initially spiritual and it empowers Indian Philosophy to lead forth. This is the reason that Indian Philosophy is unique and distinguished from Philosophies of the world.  Dr. Shiv Bahadur Singh, Dr. Lallan Jaiswal, Dr. Mishri Lal, Dr. Mukesh Kumar Singh, Dr. Indrajeet Mishra, Dr. Mahima Singh, DR. Ramendra Singh showed their valuable presence in the program. Students also participated with enthusiasm in large numbers. The program was grand success.
One day off line Orientation program on ‘Nature of Prama’ was organized by the department of Philosophy DAV.PG. College, BHU. Varanasi, dated 14.09.2019 under the patron ship of Principal DR. Satyadev Singh. The eminent speaker of the program was Professor Sachhida Nand Mishra department of philosophy BHU. He threw light on Prama which means true cognition which contributes to knowledge. He also related it’s meaning in Indian Philosophy ‘the means by which one obtains accurate and valid knowledge about the world. He motivated students through his deep insight and inferences. Associate professor Dr. Satish Kumar Singh also shared his valuable thoughts on the theory of knowledge by stating it forth as valid and invalid. Valid knowledge means the right manifestation of the object, just like how it is presented to us. HOD Dr. Harish Chandra Yadav gave his valuable contribution and support to the grand success of the program. The takeaway for the students was very enriching and full of learning.
Two days international Webinar on ‘Apad-Dharm: Moral Imperative and Covid-19’, dated May 17-18,2020, was organized by department of Philosophy DAV. PG College, Varanasi, under the headship of chief patron and Principal, Prof. Satya Dev Singh and convener and associate professor Dr.Satish Kumar Singh with the valuable contribution of HOD, Harish Chandra Yadav and help and support by Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh and Dr. Ramendra Singh Department of Philosophy. Many eminent personalities, dignitaries, intellectuals, academicians and scholars across India and abroad graced this international webinar, more than 300 attendees were part of it.
The webinar started with the inaugural session wherein renowned professor R.C. Sinha, chairman ICPR, New Delhi talked about the new normal concept. He also stressed about the priority given to satisfy the immediate need which he called ‘Dharm’ and quoted many examples from Vedic and ancient civilization. Followed by honorable Vice chancellor M.G.A Hindi University Wardha, Pror. Rajneesh Shukla threw light on ‘Duty for Duty Shake’ there after DR. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, Indian politician and member of parliament also president of ICCR, New Delhi addressed the gathering by putting forth the prevalent conditions in present scenario where materialistic instincts of society and their pompous display has now become helpless in the face of destiny. This webinar reached its epitome of success and enrichment for all.
The Webinar was graced by various eminent guests from abroad, whose valuable words are stated below:-             

Dr. Rosemary Gibson

          Senior Advisor at The Hastings Center,New York.
          Editor for JAMA Internal Medicine.
She expressed her gratitude for India’s export of hydroxychloroquine in times of scarcity of medicine. She  further delivered her key-note address in which she stressed on three aspects of moral imperatives- 1. Call of duty, where she talked about people who are hospitalized and need intensive care. 2.Care of duty, where doctors ,nurses and ambulance drivers are working like fighters should be honoured. 3. Government Society and Commercial Engagement which she termed as ‘Economic Imperative. Further she stated- when there is enormous anguish due to loss one must learn to follow rules for a better future.

Prof. Ake Sander

     Professor Emeritus Psychology &Sociology of Religion,
     University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
which he called an important human instinct in times of crisis. He also valued the advisory issued by the government regarding social distancing and hygiene. He further embraced the eAke Sander is professor of behavioral studies of religion. During the webinar he emphasized on ‘Trust’ efforts of India in such a difficult situation. He also gave tips on hygiene and social distancing. His speech was very informative.

Prof. Marzenna Jakubczak

     Department of Philosophy & Sociology
     Pedagogical University of Cracow , Poland.
Her research interests include classical Indian Philosophy and early Buddhist Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Comparative   studies in Philosophy and Religion, Philosophy of Culture,  Cross-Culture Aesthetics and selected issues in Gender Studies. In the webinar she threw light on personal ethical observation, which proves to be very helpful  during the time of crisis. Stressing this view further she quoted examples from her personal experience.
  1. Prof. Bandana Purkyastha

            University of Connecticut, Storrs,USA.
She is Professor of Sociology and Asian & Asian American Studies. She served as Head, Sociology, at the University of Connecticut (UCONN). She currently serves on the International Sociological Association executive committee (2018-2022). She gave insight on Human Rights/Human Security. She threw light on challenges that one must face during times of difficulty with courage and morality. She also gave multiple ideas on how to fight with this Pandemic with her vibrant speech.
  1. Prof. Anthony Savari Raj

         ICCR Chair of Indian Studies University
        Of the West Indies, Kingston , Jamaica.
Professor  L . Anthony Savari  Raj, the holder of a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Madras, India, has an impressive resume, and that is perhaps why he was selected to share his  knowledge with students at The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona campus, in the capacity of visiting professor’ on the ICCR Chair of Indian Studies, under the Ministry of External  Affairs, Government of India, and the Indian High Commission in Jamaica .In his valuable speech he laid stress on ‘ To be Human’, in times of crises. He also focused on how to make life worth living in difficulty. He praised India and talked about multi-dimensional culture and cultural Imperative. He further intensified the attainment of joy in times of crisis.
Sankaracharya Aur Vivekanand Ke Darshan ki Bartaman me Prasangikta_philosophy
One day National Seminar on ‘Sankaracharya Aur Vivekanand Ke Darshan ki Bartaman me Prasangikta’ was sponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi and organized by Dept. of Philosophy, DAV.PG. College, Varanasi on 28/09/2018. The distinguished guests of the seminar were Dr. Ajay Verma, JNU New Delhi and Prof. R.K. Jha BHU, Varanasi. Dr, R.K. Jha gave his deep reflection on Indian Philosophy and stated ‘ to understand philosophy you must have vision, the view that talks about real experience is Indian Philosophy. He further stated that Swami Vivekanand one said that Buddha’s philosophy is quite relevant and significant in Indian context and it needs to be imbibed. Chief speaker Centre of Philosophy, JNU. Dr. Ajay Verma said that Advaitvada of Shankaracharya was quite relevant and impressive and his philosophy has also made its deep place in Indian society. The program was headed by Dr. Shiv Bahadur Sigh and anchored by Dr. Satish Kumar Singh. and a vote of thanks was given by  by Dr. Ramendra Singh. Sarita Rani. Dr. Mishrilal, Dr, Indrajeet Mishra, Dr. Habibullah showed their valuable presence in the program. The Seminar was grand success.